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Blog award....please help yourselves..xxxx

Just found out that Suzanne has passed this lovely award onto me,thanks so much always love awards, although I don't feel as though I deserve it with not blogging over the passed few weeks, but I'm taking it with most awards, there is a little catch, you have to take the award, link back to whoever passed it on to you and thank them, then choose 3/5 other bloggers to pass it onto.....always find that hard to do, contact them and let them know they have been Tagged...

Well, because I am still having difficulty with certain't link etc to them....I'd much prefer on this occasion to pass this onto any of you wonderful ladies that always visit me, no matter what, you pop back, that always amazes THANKYOU ....please help yourselves and enjoy it, you deserve it.......big hugs, Janette.xxxx

need some advice please

Hello Girls, still no end to my printer and pc misery......really hoped it would be sorted by now, am missing you all so much, I really am getting very depressed by it all, sob...sob.....anyway, today I went with dil to look at some printers, can I decide on the best for, can you help, it's between the Kodak and Epsom, the Kodak has multi inks, which are very affordable, the Epsom is individual inks that look more affordable, but are they in the long run....I'm not so convinced, just wondered if any of you favoured one or the other, and for the pc, well, I can now comment better on some blogs, but others not at all, very if you think I'm not bothering with you, pleaseeeee, it's not to you all, hope to be back soon.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sorry about this.....

Hi there Girls, I am so sorry that I have been absent alot since Christmas, been having a fair old time with my PC. Can get on and comment sometimes, others..well...forget it...on top of that my beloved printer died, which means no pics to show you.....anyway, a rescue plan is now in operation, service SHOULD be resumed soon....oh I hope so....I miss blogging and entering the odd challenge.In the mean time, please don't forget I exsist will so much, hugs to all, Janette.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx